circuit court

circuit court
: a court that sits at two or more places within one judicial district: as
a. : an English court authorized by commission from the crown that is held in one of the seven circuits of the kingdom by a judge designated by the lord chancellor to hold assizes to try civil and criminal cases
b. : any of several courts in the U.S.: as
(1) : a court of original common-law jurisdiction sitting with a jury
(2) : an intermediate appellate court
(3) : a court with both original and appellate jurisdiction
(4) : a court having equity or probate jurisdiction or both
(5) : any of the United States courts of appeal — not used technically
(6) : a former court of original jurisdiction existing in each of the seven judicial circuits of the United States and its territories until abolished by law in 1912

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1. a court holding sessions at various intervals in different sections of a judicial district.
2. (caps.) the court of general jurisdiction in a number of U.S. states.
[1700-10, Amer.]

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circuit court UK US noun [countable] [singular circuit court plural circuit courts] legal
one of a number of courts of law in an area that a judge visits regularly in order to deal with local cases
Thesaurus: law courtshyponym

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circuit court,
a court whose judges hold, or used to hold, court first at one place, then at another, in regular sequence through a district.

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noun, pl ⋯ courts [count]
US law : a court of law that meets at two or more places within a particular area

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